Nature & Photography Tours & Workshops in Italy and Beyond....

For 2020 we have a diverse programme of photographic holidays and workshops for those who love nature, stunning landscapes, wildflowers and photography...with good food and excellent company.

Wide angle macro shot taken on our Dolomites photo workshop

We set out to offer what you won’t readily find elsewhere thanks to a deep insider knowledge of the places we visit, plus an encyclopaedic knowledge of the natural world, all delivered with an unequalled level of care.

We (Paul & Lois) work as a team: Paul Harcourt Davies has gained an international reputation as an award-winning photographer, writer and tour leader with 19 books and hundreds of articles to his credit Best known for his flower photography, insect images (known as the "macromaestro") Paul is an acclaimed world authority on everything to do with close-up photography (check out the Learnmacro site) and a gifted teacher he is also an accomplished travel photographer with innumerable published images and guide books to his credit. He has served as a judge for prestigious competitions: Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2015). ASFERICO (2016), LIPU (2016). Paul holds a Royal Photographic Society (RPS) gold medal and was winner of the International Garden Photographer of the Year Portfolio award (2014).

Our commitment is to small groups because we want our environmental impact to be minimal, respecting inhabitants small and large of the places we visit.

We cater for single travellers - our tours and workshops are ideal holidays for one - in fact our close-up & macro workshops and general photographic workshops can be run with just one person at almost anytime of year to suit you, be it from 1 day to a week.

We encourage you
to view things in a different light. You will be immersed in sides of Italy few outsiders see.

We eat well - o
A photo of a typical picnic on a tour in Crete
ur picnics are not of the bun-in-a-bag variety but an array of local specialities: selections of cured meats, cheeses, freshly made salads, a variety of fresh breads and fruit. In the evening we eat home-cooked, regional dishes often made from local, organic ingredients with local wines.

We can provide something you can slot into a more general holiday - we will quickly get to know your interests and your strengths and help you build on them.

Creating bespoke holidays - does not cost the earth for a group of from 4 guests to have the holiday of a lifetime - see Tailor Made Tours

We do our homework: Even when it comes to places such as Gargano in Puglia where we have made well over 37 trips, we make sure we are there several days prior to our guests arriving. This gives us a chance to assess the season - what is flowering and where for no two successive seasons are the same and have a range of possible alternative sites to visit when some have changed because of land useage.

Responsible tourism is something we care about. The places we visit are usually well off the beaten tourist track in regions that have a mostly rural economy. We consciously use only small, family-run agriturismos, hotels and restaurants that respect and support local communities and traditions.

We reserve the right to change the order of any itinerary with the best of motives - that is to optimise what you might see and, where necessary, to take you to another site. In the Mediterranean region, a flower-rich meadow one year can be ploughed the next or ravaged by goats.

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